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Model Deployment

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Model Development

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MedML does it all

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Key features of MEDML

  • One Stop Shop
  • Real Time
  • Data Security
  • Prescriptive Alerts
  • KPI Manager
  • Faster Big Data Processing
  • Data Driven Insights
  • User Friendly
  • Customizable
  • Scalable

What is MEDML

Setting up the AI infrastructure can be extremely over-whelming and pinching to the budget. It requires an expensive process of hiring data scientist, data engineers and partnering with big giants such as AWS or Azure. At MedML we do all the pain work of Model Development, Deployment, Management and Visualization of AI/ML solutions.

Unlike any other analytical solution MedML provides fully automated, centralized analytical platform developed explicitly on YOUR hospital or insurance data not any PUBLICALY available data. It provides a unique blend of Actuarial Science and Data Science to healthcare and can easily blend into your existing hospital or insurance management system.

Our innovative algorithms are robust enough to take consideration of pandemic/non pandemic scenarios and provide you predictions and prescriptions related to various problems on a user-friendly interface.

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Why Choose MEDML

There is no second thought to it that analytics is generating significant buzz in the healthcare sector. To succeed in rapidly transforming healthcare landscape, you need business excellence, continuous innovation and the ability to do more with less. Getting ahead and staying ahead leaves little time for a learning curve.

So, it’s not enough just to choose a partner that knows their way around data, analytics and business consultation. You need a team with single-minded industry expertise that can guide you to the future of data-driven medical care, that is where MedML steps in…

…with an aim to fill the gap between JUST medical care to Data Driven medical care.

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Our Team

We provide a unique blend of Actuarial Science, Data Science and Data Engineering. At MedML we follow our core values of Zeal, Integrity, Relationship, Innovation and Perfection. Our leadership is committed in creating a compelling vision and direction essential for team passion. At MedML employees are empowered and trusted to make a big impact.

Evolution to Artificial Intelligence aim to strengthen Human Intelligence, and will have a much stronger impact than Personalised Computer Revolution in the 90's

Niti Jain, Founder and Managing Director MedML

Our Solutions